Services We Offer :
Sanrik Systems, Inc. provides  it's clients and  
tier-1 vendors the necessary IT technical and
functional  resources to support their  IT
decisions coupled with the ability to support
full-time or consulting needs.

Sanrik Systems  provides its clients with a level
of service that compliments, committs and
expands their current capabilities

Sanrik Systems , Inc. provides management
Information Services to its clients in the following

   Contingent Staffing
   Technical recruiting, qualifying & selection          
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Sanrik Systems Inc.
On our client request for software talents, we  provide them technically screened
personnel for:

  •      Short and Long Term Temporary Contract Assignments
  •       Project or Contract Work
  •       Contract-to-Hire Placement
  •        Direct Hire Placement
We believe commitment is the key to success for any business, hence we offer open door policy for
our client & consultants to offer best practises & solutions to their IT needs.
Step-by-Step right direction is key to success